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CITB Plant Related Achievement Grant Consultation

On 7th October CITB conducted a consultation exercise with industry to gain views on what the new Plant Short Duration Training Standards and Grants should look like.

As a result of this consultation, CITB decided:

  • New plant grants should be simple for employers to understand and access
  • Training and assessment should be combined in relation to CITB standards and grants
  • CITB standards should include minimum trainer and assessor requirements

Technical working groups (with PSRO oversight) continue working with CITB to develop the new CITB Training Standards. The new standards will ensure safe, consistent and high-quality plant operations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The first phase of the changes will see new standards introduced for the following:

  • Excavator 360, above 10 tonnes (tracked)
  • Forward tipping dumper (wheeled)
  • Rear tipping dumper/ dump truck: articulated chassis (all sizes)
  • Ride on Roller
  • Telescopic handler: all sizes excluding 360 slew
  • Industrial forklift
  • Plant and Vehicle Marshaller
  • Slinger, Signaller: all types, all duties


Plant Grant Achievements for the first eight categories January 2023

Testing Grant for all Other CPCS Categories

All remaining CPCS theory and practical test achievements will remain grant fundable to eligible organisations at the current grant rates.

£60 for the technical test theory achievement.

£190, £240 or £410, depending on the tier category of plant, for the achievement of the Technical Test Practical element of a Construction Plant Competency Scheme (CPCS).

Training Grants

Please note all remaining CPCS theory and practical test achievements will remain grant fundable and eligible to organisations at the current grant rates. The current CITB training rate for plant operatives is £120. This can continue to be claimed for all remaining CPCS categories, other than the eight, for which new standards exist.

CPCS has attracted grants for 20 years; during this time, the scheme has been seen as exemplar and has supported employers with training costs by ensuring it delivers for the industry's requirements.

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