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Binder Support Documents

The following documents have been designed to help Operators with the revision required for the Theory and Practical Technical Tests, along with Learning Outcomes.

CPCS Category Information

Training Standards

A09 Training Standard - Forward Tipping Dumper (Novice and Experienced)

A16 Training Standard - Industrial Forklift Truck (Novice and Experienced)

A17 Training Standard - Telescopic Handler (Novice and Experienced)

A31 Training Standard - Ride on Roller (Novice and Experienced)

A40A Training Standard - Slinger Signaller All Sizes All Duties

A56 Training Standard - Dump Truck - Articulated Chassis (Novice and Experienced)

A59 Training Standard - 360 Excavator Above 10 Tonnes Tracked (Novice and Experienced)

A73 Training Standard - Plant and Vehicle Marshaller (Novice and Experienced)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes & Syllabus A02 – A40

Learning Outcomes & Syllabus A41 – A78 inc. D90, D91 and D92

Theory Test

Theory Test Questions A02 - A40

Theory Test Questions A41 - A78 inc D90 - D92

Standard Practical Tests

Standard Practical Test A02 - A40

Standard Practical Test A41 - A78 inc. D90, D91 and D92

Advanced Practical Tests

Advanced Practical Test A02 - A40

Advanced Practical Test A41 - A78 inc. D90, D91 and D92

On-site Assessment Tests

On-site Assessment A02 - A40

On-site Assessment A41 - A78 inc. D90

Advanced On-Site Assessments

AOSA A02 to A40 

AOSA A41 to D92

AOSA Working Instruction for the Groupings and Concessions

AOSA Groupings and Concessions

CPCSAOSA Professional Discussion (PD) Script 

CPCS Competence Interview

CPCS Candidate Guidance 

CPCS Competence Interview - Template

CPCS Competence Interview Rules

CPCS Competence Interview Script

CPCS Online Delivery

CPCS Online Delivery Policy