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Removal of the Validator Role

With effect from 1 August 2019 validators have ceased to be a requirement of the CPCS scheme.

We have taken this decision for a number of reasons, mostly because it will help us to reduce the number of renewal applications that are rejected due to incorrect paperwork where all other renewal requirements have been met. This will allow us to get cards out to the right people, quicker.

Our renewal process is robust and all renewal applications are processed by our Customer Operations team to ensure that CPCS scheme requirements are met. We also randomly select logbooks to be audited at this point unless an onsite assessment has been completed. After careful consideration we are satisfied that the removal of the role of the validator will not have an impact on the standards of the CPCS scheme.

Our website and application form will be updated to show this new change shortly, in the meantime please continue to fill in the F1/3 and leave the validator section blank.

We would like to thank validators for their work with us over the years and support of the scheme.