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NOCN Card Production Update & Website Improvement

Card Production Update

As you may know, we have been experiencing challenges in our card production process. Regrettably, certain cards have been awaiting processing since 18th August. We have taken steps to communicate with those impacted. We have provided clear instructions to employers and contractors on how to verify information in the absence of a physical card.

These issues have been substantial and unforeseeable, arising from complications with a third-party supplier. Rest assured, our dedicated NOCN team, in collaboration with external experts and a new supplier, has been working diligently to restore the card production process to its normalcy.

Commencing 7th September, card printing has resumed, with our primary focus on resolving the backlog and dispatching overdue cards via first-class post.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your customers.

Blue CPCS Competence Cards – More than 10 Categories Card Tap

In cases where individuals hold more than 10 categories, the new card will display nine printed categories on the reverse side, with the 10th row stating: "To See Additional Categories, Tap Card."

We have amalgamated the CPCS Operator Card Carrier Letter (Trained Operator & Competent Operator) into a singular document. 

Website Changes – CPCS Support Document – Revision Support Document changes

We acknowledge the importance of aligning new documentation with the existing format following the release of CITB Standards. Therefore, commencing 9th October, we are embarking on a comprehensive overhaul of our website's revision support document page.

Our forthcoming improvements include:

  1. Categorisation of the page to facilitate ease of navigation, with each category containing relevant Training Standards and Learning Outcomes and other essential documents for operators' progression within CPCS.
  2. Inclusion of references and dates at the bottom of all documents for clarity and convenience.
  3. Ensuring uniformity in font, colours, and, where feasible, document format to achieve consistency.


Training Notifications - Grant

For more information on durations of training, please see here.