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General Scheme Update February 2023

CITB expected release of the Training Standards

CITB are updating the training standards and are revisiting the Training durations for Novice and Experienced Operators as well as revising the associated grant values. We will update you with the relevant information as soon as possible.

LGV Licence submission

The requirement to submit a valid LGV licence with an application for either a CPCS Trained or Competent Operator Card is to be removed effectively from 5th April 2023.

This being due to CPCS not being informed if an individual’s licence is removed, regardless of the reason, and it would be the responsibility of the employer or client to ensure that the operators employed had the relevant endorsed valid licence.

CPCS Theory Test Time and Question Reduction

Work is currently being undertaken to reduce the number of questions faced by Candidates during the CPCS Technical Theory test which is expected to be completed with revised question banks being made available for the beginning of March with a view to going live in the 5th April 2023.

Trainer Cards

As the review of the CITB Plant Training Standards is expected to be completed and implemented at the beginning of April 2023 as a result CPCS will reintroduce Training and profiling. The Trainer Application will be made available from 1st March 2023.

Those potential CPCS Trainers, who can meet the requirements to apply for a Trainer can apply once the applications are available, but the cards will be held until nearer to the Training Standard implementation date.
The Trainer Card requirements are as follows:

  • Health, Safety, and Environment test – CITB Supervisory SUP or above (achieved within 5 years prior to application receipt)
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training* (refer to the CITB RATO appendix 3 and 6 for the accepted equivalents) or:
  • Working towards Level 3 award in Education and Training (confirmation of registration required)
  • Health & Safety Qualification minimum being the CITB SSSTS or higher (refer to the application for accepted equivalents H & S Qualifications)
  • CPCS Tester Card and/or:
  • CPCS Trained Operator Card or Competent Operator Card
  • Record of Category Experience (minimum 2 years for each category to be added to the trainer card, those applicants with an ROE used to add categories to their tester card can be accepted)

*Applicants who attained the CITB 10 day instructional techniques course as part of the original CPCS Trainer card requirements can use this certificate as an accepted alternative to the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Competence Interview - Reminder

Card holders can complete the NOCN CPCS Competence Interview at any CPCS Test Centre the maximum fee a centre can charge is £160.00 + VAT. The Competence Interview will be notified to the CPCS team and may be monitored. Once you have completed the Competence Interview, the Test Centre will let us know and you can contact our Customer Operations team on 0300 999 1177 (option 1, option 1) or at cpcs@jobcards.org to ‘top up’ your Competent Operator Card.

If you have previously achieved a VQ in certain Construction or Plant related occupations, please send us proof and we can either change the date on the smart chip for free or issue you a new smart card at an administrative cost of £10.00.

Hub Update

At 7pm Friday 3rd February until 8am Monday 6th February all areas of the Hub will be down for maintenance. Please note that you will not be able to access the Hub during this time.