Coronavirus update for customers

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Coronavirus update for customers

You will be aware of the various Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) announcements and official advice over COVID19.

The situation is unprecedented and has been continually changing. With colleges and schools now closed and the country in effect ‘locked down’, other than essential services, we will endeavour to continue to support you, your apprentices, learners and card applicants through this difficult period.

We support Ofqual’s statement that the most important principle is fairness to all learners and apprentices, not only for those being assessed now, but also for those assessed before COVID-19.

All our staff are working from home, so we will still be offering front line support, through telephony, email and web chat as usual.

At this time, NOCN aims to provide as full a range of our services as possible, where these can be delivered remotely, and where possible we will use remote or recorded assessment methods. We will do this in a way to maintain the integrity of the assessment.

All face-to-face appointments for approval visits, External Quality Assurers, and external assessments have been suspended until training centres reopen and normal business resumes.

We will be providing digital on-line support to you, this may include the ability to offer WebEx interviews, develop online invigilated exams in place of physical papers, and certain digital content support. Please contact us to discuss how best we can support you.

As you will know, NOCN Group offers a wide range of services including regulated qualifications, EPA for apprenticeships, Job Cards in construction, Access to HE Diplomas, bespoke accreditation and educational and skills support training. You will find out more operational detail on the implications of COVID19 for each of these services, including advice for students and centres preparing for external assessments, through the following links:

Business Development
Regulated Qualifications
Quality Assurance
EPA for Apprenticeships
Job Cards in construction (CPCS)
Access to HE Diplomas
Bespoke Accreditation

Please note that NOCN will be following the guidance issued by the ESFA, IfATE, Ofqual, CCEA, QAA and Qualifications Wales, and will update our customers as things change.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss the impact on your centre, apprentices or learners please contact us on or 0300 999 1177 (Option 1).

Best wishes from all at NOCN to you our valued customers. We hope you all remain safe and well.

Graham Hasting-Evans, Group Managing Director

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Further information on the removal of the ‘Validator’ role

We have now updated all documents on our website to reflect the removal of the Validator role.

Renewal application

As you will see from the application form F1/3 and the Scheme Booklet for Operators, an Employer independent declaration is still required to ensure that the details on this application are correct to the best of their knowledge and that the terms and conditions of the CPCS Scheme Booklet for Operators have been met.

These checks include:

a) that the applicant's details stated in section A1 and A2 are correct
b) the applicant has the relevant CITB Health, safety and environment test passed within 2 years of the date of application receipt
c) the applicant has the relevant CPCS Renewal test(s) passed within 2 years of the date of application receipt (for each category being renewed as indicated in Section C
d) the applicant has proven ongoing category operating ability through:

  • recording the minimum number of hours in a CPCS Logbook (and being endorsed competent by an Endorser) OR
  • achievement of the CPCS Practical Test delivered by a CPCS Tester through a CPCS Test Centre OR
  • achievement of an On-site Assessment delivered by a CPCS Tester through a CPCS Test Centre.

This is an important part of the process and we recognise that employers use this check on site to ensure they have the right people performing the right jobs. Self-employed applicants are responsible for completing this form in the role of the Employer.

As in our previous communications, we will no longer be accepting registrations to become a Validator and in future these checks should be undertaken by the Individual’s Employer.

Our Quality Assurance processes around applications are robust and our NOCN CPCS team will continue their checks of every application received to ensure that these meet the requirements of the Scheme Booklet for Operators.

We are in the process of updating documents in the CPCS ON Library for Test Centres and on the CITB website where some old documentation is still held.


All CPCS Scheme rules around the completion of the logbook still apply as before. Logbooks are still required to be endorsed by a person who can confirm the applicant’s operating experience on that machine or equipment as part of the renewal process, if the applicant is using the logbook route. The endorser must be in a minimum of a supervisory role. Self-employed applicants are responsible for making sure their logbook is endorsed in line with the scheme rules.

Upon the introduction of smart cards later on this year, employers will also be able to check all cardholder details for CPCS in one place, by tapping the card on any NFC enabled device. We also have plans in place to introduce a Digital Logbook, improving our Quality Assurance even further.