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CPCS Price Changes

From 2 December we will be making changes to some of our CPCS prices. This is because we have invested substantially in meeting industry requirements around the introduction of ‘smart’ digital cards.

All CPCS operators who gain their first time red or blue card, who renew, extend, upgrade or replace their CPCS card from 2 December will automatically be issued a smart card. Any CPCS cardholder who wishes to be issued a smart card early can request one by ringing our CPCS Customer helpline on 0844 815 7274 from 2 December.

Our smart cards work through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and by tapping the smartcard on any NFC enabled device – most modern mobile phones and tablets – the cardholder’s name, photo, categories and endorsements will appear. We are working on the next stage of smart cards currently, where your qualifications and NOCN Site Right training will also appear on the card.

Any developments to smart card technology will be rolled out remotely so if you already have a smart card by that point, you will be able to take advantage of these developments.

Smart cards will significantly help in industry, by making sure that the right people have the right cards to work on site. They will also help us to prevent fraud.

To see exactly how our CPCS prices have changed, please see the below tables. Prices in green have changed, prices in black remain the same.

CPCS Renewal test prices

The price of the CPCS Renewal test is also changing. Previously these were priced at £25.00 for up to five CPCS Renewal tests taken in a single slot. From 2 December one single slot costs £28.00 and includes the cost of the smart card being produced. If you wish to take six or more tests, it will cost you an additional £28.00 per slot that you require.

For example:

Aside from introducing smart cards, we are also investing in other developments to CPCS including renewal test videos, revising our technical tests to make them more accessible and introducing digital logbooks. We look forward to launching these product improvements in the future.

CPCS remains one of the lowest card charges in the industry, with CISRS cards costing £30 and CSCS cards costing £36. We have worked hard to keep our costs down while keeping our quality high, and will continue to do so.

All documentation on our website will be updated to reflect these changes in November, ready for the price increases to start on 2 December 2019.