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Centre Update 187

March 2021

Dear Test Centre,

As you will be aware in September 2020 CITB changed the VQ plant grant scheme to 1 x plant VQ grant in a lifetime and also removed the “£300 additional VQ unit grant”

On behalf of industry and the CPCS Management Committee we wrote to CITB, raising the concerns of industry.

We are pleased to advise you that CITB have reinstated grants as outlined here.

We have asked CITB to prepare a Communication Pack so that we can make employers aware of the changes and how they claim the grants in the future, as soon as we have this information we will post on our social media pages and include in the next update so that you can share with employers.

We will also let you know if CITB reinstate the additional unit grant through the CWA process or any alternative.

Please follow us on our new CPCS social media channels.


Kind Regards,