Delays to card printing

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Delays to card printing

If you are contacting us regarding having not received your CPCS or CISRS card, please be assured that NOCN staff, external teams and a new supplier have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to resume card production. Printing resumed on 14th September and we are working through the backlog of cards.

We apologise for any inconvenience. In the meantime, you, your employer or a site manager can visit the NOCN card checker at to validate your card details.


Blue CPCS Competence Cards – More than 10 Categories Card Tap

In cases where individuals hold more than 10 categories, the new card will display nine printed categories on the reverse side, with the 10th row stating: "To See Additional Categories, Tap Card."

Further information on this can be found in the bulletins section of our website. 

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Transfer of Card Scheme Data

On the first December NOCN successfully transferred all the data concerning individuals with CPCS and CISRS cards from CITB to the NOCN Job Cards subsidiary.

It is important to notify all card holders that the data owners and data processors have therefore changed.

For CPCS NOCN Job Cards is now the Data Owner and processor. We will only use the data that has been transferred to us for the reason it was collected, the issuing and management of Competency Cards. As part of this process the data will also be processed by two UK based IT provider who supply the management systems and a UK based printer who prints and post the cards. We have also retained PearsonVue who will continue to deliver the CPCS renewal test as they did for CITB. They also provide the Health, Safety and Environment test on behalf of CITB. We felt it was therefore less change if we retained this provider. For data legislation reasons, however, it has been necessary to have a separate system for CPCS Renewal test from HSE tests requiring different log ins etc. it was also necessary to cancel any booked Renewal tests and rebook them due to data legislation. PearsonVue have an off shore call centre, which was all that was available to us, who are managing the rebooking of these cancelled tests and will also manage any new test bookings. There is an online test booking system if individuals do not want to deal with an off shore call centre.

The CISRS card scheme is owned by CISRS and they remain the Data Controller, but now NOCN Job Cards is the data processer along with the other 3rd party providers listed above.

All personal data for individuals with CISRS and CPCS cards was transferred from CITB to NOCN in a GDPR compliant manner and all data is stored on compliant data storage devices.

Our Privacy notice where everything is covered can be found here - . We have data compliant agreements with CITB to gain the HSE results to assist with Card issuing and we will share data with CITB for Grant claiming purposes and for them to update the Industry Training Register. ‘