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Statement from NOCN Job Cards to customers regarding CPCS and CISRS cards

We would like to apologise to all customers for the problems that NOCN Job Cards are having in issuing CPCS and CISRS cards.

On 1 December 2019 NOCN Group fully took over the issuing of CPCS and CISRS cards from CITB. Much time was put into our systems by both NOCN and our supporting service providers to ensure the transfer would occur as well as possible. There have been a number of data/administrative/technical issues that have occurred due to the in flight transfer of such large and complicated card schemes. This has resulted in a backlog in processing applications that were made in November and December 2019.

We are very sorry for the impact of this on customers’ ability to work and the frustration that this is causing. We are working very hard, together with our service providers to rectify this problem as quickly as possible. CITB are being especially proactive and providing substantial support.

Please be reassured that an emergency plan has been put in place and a taskforce deployed to get on top of the backlog as soon as possible.

This ONLY affects those people whose data does not match across the 3 companies involved in issuing the cards – CITB, their supplier of Health and Safety tests and ourselves – and are therefore being processed manually. We are working closely with CITB to resolve this issue with mismatched data.

For CPCS, new applications made from January 2020 which can be processed automatically, are currently being processed within the standard 15 working day timeframe. For CISRS it is a manual process so time scales are currently longer. We are printing hundreds of cards per day and are actively catching up already.

For employers, the CPCS Levy payment report will be with CITB by the end of today (31/1/2020).

For more information please see: