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About the CPCS Scheme

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides certification for plant operators and associated operations for UK construction and allied industries.

In 2019, NOCN Group acquired CPCS, the leading skills certification scheme for plant within the UK construction industry, from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

CPCS from NOCN Group provides proof that individuals have the required training, qualifications and skills for the type of work they carry out. It is the most widely recognised as the preferred card to comply with codes of practice for competence and certification and is widely accepted across all UK construction sites. 

The CPCS certification process is supported by CPCS Testers, who in turn are certificated as trained and competent by CPCS.

Compliance with the contents of the Scheme Booklet for Operators is a requirement for CPCS Card holders.

There are no age requirements for Scheme membership. However, in some cases, legislation or company policy regarding the use of plant or equipment may specify different age limits for a specific working environment. This may result in the card holder being prevented from using that plant or equipment.

Basic skills and understanding, and competency standards are defined by the Scheme for:

  • plant operators
  • slinger/signallers
  • individuals securing plant and equipment to vehicles/trailers for transportation
  • individuals planning and controlling lifting operations.

A wide range of construction plant and equipment is covered by CPCS, and new plant and equipment is continually added at the request of industry. A category is defined as: an item of plant or equipment used within the construction industry in accordance with the manufacturers basic design, or an agreed duty or occupation involving plant operations, e.g. Appointed Person.

Certain categories have endorsements. Endorsements are sub-categories that reflect the variation in a category, for example, by weight, size, capacity or application. Endorsements will be defined as either:

  • separate – as each endorsement will be inscribed separately on a CPCS Card, or
  • senior – as only the higher or senior endorsement will be inscribed on a CPCS Card.