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CPCS Tester Card

To become a CPCS tester you must have suitable and sufficient industry and operating knowledge and ability on the category of plant in all its acceptable uses and environments.

A CPCS Tester card confirms the holder has demonstrated suitable experience within the industry, has plant-related health and safety knowledge, first aid knowledge, health and safety awareness, advanced underpinning knowledge and operating ability, and role-based ability as a Tester.

A Tester card consists of two designs:

  • Provisional card - role-based competence qualification has yet to be achieved and is valid for two years and is non-renewable.
  • Full card role-based competence qualification has been achieved and are valid for five years and are renewable

NOCN Job Cards are now offering a £500 bursary towards CPCS Tester Training.

CPCS Testers are required to assess an individual’s knowledge, understanding, and performance against the CPCS Technical Test criteria.  Many plant operators make the change as they want to help others achieve their potential, but what are the benefits for you?

  1. Professional Development - As a CPCS Tester you will build a range of skills, including assessment and communication skills. Many testers go on to develop further skills in the education and training sector including becoming, tutors, EQA’s or Construction EPA Assessors.
  2. A Change of Role - If you have spent most of your working life on site, on machines you might be looking of new ways to use your skills, a role that is less hands-on, but still gives you the opportunity to stay in the plant sector. CPCS Testers are able to use their professional experience, but also get to see a subject from an entirely different angle.
  3. Meet New People - One of the most interesting aspects of becoming a CPCS Tester I getting to know learners and operators from all walks of life. You will be able to build a wide network of contacts within the plant and education sectors.
CPCS Tester Card Bursary Terms & Conditions
CPCS Tester Bursary Application Form

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