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CPCS Smart Card User Guide

All CPCS operatives who apply for a Card from 2 December 2019 will receive a new digital ‘smart’ card.

CPCS 'Smart' Cards work through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. When tapping the Card on any NFC enabled device (including most modern mobile phones and tablets) the cardholder’s name, photo, categories/courses and endorsements will automatically appear.

This provides high security and authentication for employers by preventing duplication and fraud. Smart Cards can also be ‘switched off’ remotely if they have been compromised, alerting employers to potential fraud.

To help distinguish them from the old CITB CPCS Cards, which are still valid until they expire up to 2025, the CPCS Smart Cards are clearly designed to make it clear to employers that they feature NFC technology and to be brought in line with the CSCS colour scheme/design. See the card designs (which can be downloaded as a pdf and displayed on-site) here.

In summary, the benefits of CPCS Smart Cards are:

  • Increased security - Individuals who have cloned/altered cards cannot pass the digital test of the card being swiped on a reader or smartphone.
  • Compliance/ health & safety - Ensuring the correct person with appropriate competence is carrying out the work.
  • Additional data is available - All the training/qualification data is held in the cloud, making it easier and quicker to prove levels of expertise.
  • Easy to update - New qualifications/ certifications are held in the MyTAG system and displayed when the card is tapped. These can be updated without having to renew the card itself.

SiteRight training appears on CPCS Smart Cards in a separate Qualification tab. This gives employers the confidence that the course is valid without needing to see paper certificates.

How to use your CPCS Smart Card

  1. Ensure NFC is enabled on your mobile phone settings.
  2. Tap your phone on your CPCS card.
  3. View your authenticated Card details.
  4. See a list of your Site Right courses and expiry dates.

Download CPCS NFC Smart Card User Guide