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CPCS New Card Design

Following the transfer of CPCS from CITB to NOCN Group, we have implemented the first of several improvements planned for the scheme – smart cards. The new smart cards will gradually replace the old CITB issued cards, as these come up for renewal.

The smart cards feature Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, enabling multiple benefits for cardholders and employers. NFC works by tapping the card on any NFC enabled device – most modern mobile phones and tablets – the cardholder’s name, photo, categories/courses and endorsements will automatically appear. NOCN Job Cards are currently working on the next stage of smart cards, where qualifications and NOCN Site Right training will also appear on the card as well as renewal notifications.

The new system provides high security and authentication for employers, it is far more difficult for criminals to interfere with the system, preventing duplication and fraud. NOCN Job Cards can also ‘switch off’ a card remotely if it has been compromised, alerting employers to potential fraud.

In many cases, employers will not need to download an app, as the NFC automatically works on most android devices and iPhone XS, XR, 11 and newer devices. If an app is required it is free to download, reducing expense and improving efficiencies for cardholders and employers.

To help distinguish the difference between the CITB cards, which are still valid until they expire, and the new smart cards, CPCS has updated the card design too, making it clear to employers which cards feature NFC technology. This also brings us in line with the CSCS colour scheme and design. Please note your previous card number from CITB will be updated to a new NOCN Job Cards number.

In summary, the benefits of the new Secure ID Cards are:

  • Increased security - Individuals who have cloned/altered cards cannot pass the digital test of the card being swiped on a reader or smartphone.
  • Compliance/ health and safety - Ensuring the correct person with appropriate competence is carrying out the work.
  • Additional data is available - All the training/qualification data is held in the cloud, making it easier and quicker to prove levels of expertise.
  • Easy to update - New qualifications/ certifications are held in the MyTAG system and displayed when the card is tapped. These can be updated without having to renew the card itself.

You can display and share the poster below (click to view the full PDF)