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CPCS Logbook

The role of the CPCS Logbook is to record life-long learning and evidence towards the renewal of your Blue Competent Operator card.

NOCN has launched a new CPCS Digital Logbook which has a number key benefits. Find out more here or read on for further information about the paper-based version.

Use of the CPCS Logbook is voluntary and it is the cheapest option to use when renewing a competent operator card. There are also other routes you can follow to renew.

NOCN Group recommends that you use the CPCS Logbook to keep a record of all the operating activities, testing, training and employment that you undertake.

A paper-based Logbook can be sent to your home address when your first Competent Operator Card is issued but the Digital Logbook is instantly accessible online via a mobile device and is a more efficient, cost-effective, convenient, secure, accurate and comprehensive alternative.

If you renew your Blue Competent Operator card using the Logbook route, then you should have the Logbook endorsed prior to submitting your application. Your employer must complete the Independent Declaration section of the F1/3 Application to Renew a CPCS Competent Operator Card.

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