Delays to card printing

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Delays to card printing

If you are contacting us regarding having not received your CPCS or CISRS card, please be assured that NOCN staff, external teams and a new supplier have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to resume card production. Printing resumed on 14th September and we are working through the backlog of cards.

We apologise for any inconvenience. In the meantime, you, your employer or a site manager can visit the NOCN card checker at to validate your card details.


Blue CPCS Competence Cards – More than 10 Categories Card Tap

In cases where individuals hold more than 10 categories, the new card will display nine printed categories on the reverse side, with the 10th row stating: "To See Additional Categories, Tap Card."

Further information on this can be found in the bulletins section of our website. 

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Case Study - A Change of Career

Danielle decided to take a dramatic change in her career. She was working as an auditor in a bank before pursuing a career in construction.

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A plant operator apprenticeship offers a route into plant machinery. The Flannery Plant Hire apprenticeship gives the learners a structured programme delivered through a blended approach of on and off the job training, and the learner also earns while they learn. The apprenticeships are delivered from the CITB National Construction College and The Operator Skills Hub, giving learners the chance to utilise training simulators and the latest semi-autonomous vehicles to prepare plant operators and apprentices for the modern-day construction site.

Danielle decided to take a dramatic change in her career. She worked as an auditor in a bank before pursuing a career in construction. Females are generally underrepresented within the construction industry, and female construction apprentices are not very common.

“I expected some resistance, as there were definitely some preconceived perceptions that working on-site was a man’s role. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

After college, she started her site experience on a roller and gradually progressed onto a 30T dump truck. “I’m given so many opportunities to work on large scale earthworks projects, and I feel like I am a big part of the team. In September, I was awarded the Star of the Future Award for Plant Operator Apprentice of the Year. I was delighted! My company believes in me, and I am so excited to be contributing to such an important industry.”

Danielle is looking to progress and become a senior plant operator or a foreman. “I love mentoring and supporting others. I also want to pursue my ambition to get other females to enter the industry, and I am grateful that Flannery is giving me this opportunity.”

NOCN deliver end point assessment for a range of apprenticeship standards in the construction sector. Find out more below.

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