Delays to card printing

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Delays to card printing

If you are contacting us regarding having not received your CPCS or CISRS card, please be assured that NOCN staff, external teams and a new supplier have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to resume card production. Printing resumed on 14th September and we are working through the backlog of cards.

We apologise for any inconvenience. In the meantime, you, your employer or a site manager can visit the NOCN card checker at to validate your card details.


Blue CPCS Competence Cards – More than 10 Categories Card Tap

In cases where individuals hold more than 10 categories, the new card will display nine printed categories on the reverse side, with the 10th row stating: "To See Additional Categories, Tap Card."

Further information on this can be found in the bulletins section of our website. 

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The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides skills cards for the plant sector of the Construction and allied industries. It was launched in 2003 and since then over 300,000 cards have been issued across 64 categories of plant and related occupations. The CPCS Technical Review Group working on behalf of industry continually review and amend the Scheme, in light of on-going Industry feedback, and external factors such as the latest occupational health issues, technology advances and new plant types.

Not all cards are the same

Are people on your site competent to do their job or just carded to get a job? It’s not about getting a card to work, to get on-site, it’s about having people on-site you can trust to do a good job, safely.

Be competent, be carded, be safe - With over 300,000 cards issued across more than 60 categories of plant and related occupations, CPCS is the construction industry’s largest plant card scheme.

One-to-one testing of theory and practical - Provides a stronger basis to test a candidates knowledge, experience and practical skills than in group testing.

More test questions - Depth of knowledge tested further, using an average of 70 questions per category.

Centre-based testing - Over 90% of our practical tests are taken in purpose-built test centres, ensuring the full range of operations are covered, without disrupting a site.

Independent Testing - Ensuring testers are not involved in the candidates training, guarantees the independent measure of ability and knowledge.

Continued Professional Development - Ongoing development for Operators ensures their skills and knowledge is up to date.

How to get your CPCS Card

Why choose CPCS?

  • Accepted on all UK construction sites and in many cases, is the only card to be accepted
  • CPCS is the Plant partner card scheme of CSCS
  • Helps you meet your health and safety obligations
  • Over 180 approved test centres
  • Free online support materials, including theory test questions
  • Over 200 test sites nationwide delivering theory and practical tests
  • Helping to set industry standards for over 30 years
  • Training and testing standards developed by industry-led working groups
  • CPCS cards help prove people have the skills and knowledge to do their job competently onsite, we do this with:
    • Support from a management committee of federations and organisations, ‘employers’
    • Ensuring assessment standards are robust, comprehensive, relevant and up to date
    • A dedicated team of Quality Assurance personnel
    • Supporting lifelong learning and the maintenance of occupational competency
    • Continually reviewing plant categories to ensure the Scheme meets employers’ needs.

Offset the cost of your training and testing?

If you are a CITB levy-paying employer you can offset the costs of training and testing by using one of our 180 nationwide test centres. The example shows the savings which can be made utilising CITB Grants for Tier 3 Plant Operator testing and training. More information on CITB Grants and Funding can be found here.

With on-going changes come on-going challenges and we look forward to continuing work with Industry and our Test Centres to ensure that the Scheme further contributes to establishing a competent, safe and efficient plant industry.